Care and Maintenance of Your Stone

Caring for your Granite

Granite is one of the strongest stones on earth, however that being said does not mean they cannot be damaged.  Listed below are things you should or should not do with or on your granite countertops.

  • Clean up all spills such as red wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato juice, vinegars, or any other acidic substance that may land on your top.
  • Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners/chemicals to clean countertops as they will damage the seal and polish on your top.
  • It is recommended to use soft non-abrasive cloths to wipe countertops
  • Yes you can put hot pots directly on your granite countertop.  However, it is not recommended as it is possible for the granite to crack.  Always use trivets or hot pads under your hot pots.
  • Do not use your granite countertop as a cutting surface as this may leave scratches and will definitely impair your knifes.
  • It is also recommended not to sit or stand on countertops.
  • It is recommended to seal your countertops once every couple of years to keep your tops looking bright and shiny.
  • Do not worry if you chip your countertop edge as this can be corrected, just give your neighborhood granite company a call to see if they offer this service.  We at Allstar do this service please call for details.

Caring for your Quartz

Quartz countertops are a very strong and man-made material.  The are very durable and come in a large variety of colours and patterns.  .   Quartz countertops do not require a sealer to be replaced every couple of years so just your basic maintenance of cleaning and wiping is required.  Following the proper do’s and dont’s of Quartz countertops will help keep them looking bright and beautiful for years to come.

  • Use only mild dishsoap and water to clean your countertops and a soft cloth to dry them to leave them looking nice and shiny.
  • Do not use any harsh or abrasive materials on your countertops as it can do possible damage to your tops.  Substances just as vinegars, bleaches, ammonia or acidic cleaners should never be used on your tops.
  • Spills such as coffee, juice, red wine, makeup, should be wiped up immediately as this will help in preventing stains.
  • Do not put hot pans directly on countertops as this will cause damage to the tops.  Quartz is heat resistant, however, an extremely hot pot may cause cracks or burns on your surface.  Always use hot pads for hot things.
  • Do not cut on your Quartz top as it will scratch the surface.
  • Do enjoy your quartz tops as they are extremely durable and are of low maintenance to keep them beautiful for years to come.